The Tree of Hope is a charity that offers various ways to bless foster children. This poster was a pro bono piece I designed to advertise the opportunity to give Christmas gifts. I used the watercolor brush in Illustrator to achieve this look.
This client came to me at the end of 2001 requesting a logo with the American eagle and flag. Like everyone else, 9/11 had affected him greatly. My solution was a subtle design that demonstrated strength rather than the current patriotic trend, and a logo mark that would create a strong brand.
The Greater OKC Chamber wanted a calendar displaying their monthly events. I maintained their corporate identity and fonts while organizing the information and making it appealing.
What do you do when a client needs a brochure cover/direct mail piece and the only stock photos are, I would say “lackluster?” —And he needs it yesterday? Photoshop, layer masks, and vibrant colors.
I volunteer my time with the homeless and see them very differently after going into their world. I designed a poster of unedited words that the homeless have spoken to me.
Maisha, meaning “life,” is an orphanage in Kenya. The director was using a web design firm and was not happy with the look, even after 4 revisions. She liked and it’s clean and simple design. This layout is the design Maisha chose to use.
I used an actual Victorian-era emblem for this invitation and carried the concept through to the envelope. I chose two colors for the simplicity and elegance.
This poster illustrates the conflict I have had for choosing a career in design over medicine like my father. Although I love art, my free time is filled with learning history and science and then helping others.
I designed this brochure for the software MapObjects while working for Esri. This was a 6-page brochure that opened up into a poster to assist the user. It was designed in InDesign and Photoshop.
This was a t-shirt for Esri’s annual user conference of 12,000 attendees in San Diego.
This client was a talented executive chef with significant national experience. I wanted to develop a menu, corporate identity, and eventually a website that would reflect his contemporary and preeminent cuisine.
This was a t-shirt for Esri’s annual user conference of 12,000 attendees in San Diego. This illustration was made for a child’s t-shirt.
With the popularity of coffee and cupcake stores, I wanted to come up with an original name and logo for this type of eatery.
This poster I designed in California. Growing up there, I was disheartened that some people differentiated Mexicans. The educated and successful were called Mexican. The other group, in which they called wetbacks, illegals, or Chicanos was referred to as Mexican-Mexican.
A 25.5" x 22" object model diagram poster designed for the user of the Esri software MapObjects. I worked meticulously with 3 software developers, organizing their original diagrams made from their software, drawn on legal pads, and even napkins to redesign it in Illustrator.
Naifeh Fine Jewelry wanted a Mother’s Day web banner to advertise Monica Rich Kosann jewelry. I used a photo of red roses, treated with effects in Illustrator to make an interesting background.
Hudiburg Auto wanted a logo to portray “Oklahoma’s Truck Store.” I used different filters in Photoshop for a rough effect, to demonstrate strength. I chose the blue color of our state flag and the Thunder basketball team—that’s our color!
Langston's, established in 1913, is the oldest Western Wear Store in Oklahoma. They are the largest seller of Levi's & Wrangler Jeans per location in the Southwest. They requested a special logo for their 100th anniversary. These were two of my concepts.
Smart Lines provides transportation solutions and services for specific business needs as either a shipper or a carrier. As Smart Lines has grown as a company, a new website was developed along with new print pieces. They requested to update their logo to integrate with their new look.
Mustang Fuel Corporation wanted a fun, creative t-shirt for their 2013 corporate run. I used Illustrator for this project.

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