This was a t-shirt for Esri’s annual user conference of 12,000 attendees in San Diego.
This client came to me at the end of 2001 requesting a logo with the American eagle and flag. Like everyone else, 9/11 had affected him greatly. My solution was a subtle design that demonstrated strength rather than the current patriotic trend, and a logo mark that would create a strong brand.
Hudiburg Auto wanted a logo to portray “Oklahoma’s Truck Store.” I used different filters in Photoshop for a rough effect, to demonstrate strength. I chose the blue color of our state flag and the Thunder basketball team—that’s our color!
Mustang Fuel Corporation wanted a fun, creative t-shirt for their 2013 corporate run. I used Illustrator for this project.
The owners of Oklahoma City’s famous Vito’s Ristorante wanted to open a restaurant where every dish was centered around bacon. Crumpled paper, a simple design and a disheveled “ butcher stamp” of a pig made the menu a hit with the client and the restaurant.
Naifeh Fine Jewelry wanted a Mother’s Day web banner to advertise Monica Rich Kosann jewelry. I used a photo of red roses, treated with effects in Illustrator to make an interesting background.

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